FAR OFF 2018

Mittwoch 18.4. 19-00 Uhr
Thursday – Saturday 16-00 Uhr


This year in 2018, 18 – 21 April, FAR OFF will focus solely on performance, time based and media arts and will be working at Cologne ́s most discussed open space, the Ebertplatz. It was broadely in the media for its criminal scene, but also plays a crucial part in the city ́s art scene with five different galleries and art projects on site: ~Ung5, Tiefgarage, GOLD + BETON, Bruch & Dallas, Labor Ebertplatz.

Artworks, such as performances and one-day-installations will be presented in the open space of Ebertplatz and will be restricted to the influences of the public. Pneus, a translucent and inflatable Space will be designed for this event and will be used as a temporary space for concerts and performances. Also we will open up a cinema in the open space for time based art and experimental films.

The program will be co-curated by participating galleries, curators and art spaces, such as Alisa Berger, Tiefgarage Ebertplatz, Lena Ditte Nissen, Meryem Erkus (GOLD+BETON), Michaël Borras (SYSTAIME), Falko Bürschinger (PLAY! Video Festival), Labor, and others, together with the head of FAR OFF, Jonathan Haehn and Maria Wildeis.




FAR OFF is the young platform for galleries, curators and art spaces to promote their artists to an international audience, during the art fair season in mid April in Cologne, Germany. It ́s the meeting point with an extensive frame programme with Video Art, Performance, Sound Art, DJs, food and drinks.

Since it ́s first edition in 2016 FAR OFF had in total more than 6000 visitors and worked with over 40 galleries from all over Europe (Brussels, Vienna, Lucerne, Berlin, Hamburg, Mailand, Madrid, Helsinki, and many more), showed around 60 from internationally known to local performance and sound artists and presented numerous artworks: contemporary fine art, experimental film, digital art, installation and sculpture.

The event questions each year, how today´s art can be presented in its most appropriate form for reception.


FAR OFF 2018
18. – 21. April 2018
4 – 11 p.m., daily
Ebertplatz / Open Space
50668 Köln