dialogbar (Köln)

Genk-Manifesta-Arbeit unter Tage

Through its esthetical impression, Collposings reflect a mixture of the traditional collage style and the software designed composing that enables art being realized by using a computer. The term “Collposing” is a coinage developed by Wolfgang Neisser which comprises „Collage“ and „Composing“ to underline both Neisser’s technique and style of his large-sized pictures and projections.Recapturing various art and culture projects into a yearly edited agenda by using interactive presentation forms, Eva Degenhardt and Wolfgang Neisser are working hand in hand at their inter disciplinary art club “philosophiekunst” and their mixed-media studio “dialogbar” to make their art projects more accessible to any of their clients.Both „philosophiekunst“ and „dialogbar“ `s agenda are reflected in Neisser’s „Collposings“. Unique art and cultural characteristics of European cities and landscapes are composed to a multilayer context in order to reach the viewer’s perception. The illustration of museums and other exposed places of art form a condensed entity of the artistic exhibits and its related buildings.


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