Dieuwke Boersma

dieuwke performance

Samstag / Saturday, 29.4. 19:45 Uhr / 7.45 p.m.


„Blue Venus with the Pink Penis“

(artist responsible: please be aware this text embodies failure – the live event may be differently than described)

In a medley of popular songs, brought to you live via TV broadcasting, Blue Venus with the Pink Penis will tell the story of her birth.

Who is she?!

Blue Venus with the Pink Penis is sexually indifferent. She is unlike her dear sister (Venus Who Had to Hide Her Muschi and Titties) not born out of family castration debacles. Neither is she pushed by their parents Sky and Earth to be the symbol of their twisted love.  Sky and Earth in a rare act of true love let her go and so Blue Venus with the Pink Penis can give birth to herself, following the river. She crosses the river in style, pees in the river and watches it rise, and rolls on the river always with the paradoxical belief that her destiny is not fixed in eternity.


Dieuwke Boersma creates “poor performances”.

She turns – with the use of costumes, props, prosthetics, popular songs, bad lip sync, stuttering, and self sourced lights – personal experiences of mental and physical inabilities and failure into campy arte povera events of not functioning deliberately. In doing, she creates a precarious process of individuation that moves beyond the avant-garde dialectic of art and non-art, while resisting the need for “high-performances” to achieve the deceptive neoliberal mantra of living your best life. With her ambiguous way of demonstrating-performing and narrating-imitating “poor performances”  Dieuwke hopes to create an in-depth renewal of how and why human beings become, persist and transform.