DJ Brom


Friday Night, 28.4. 23.00 Uhr / 11 p.m.


When you are are listening to DJ Brom playing tracks you will realize how fluently this sound clash is happening. He manages to break open the familiar structures without relying on dull contrasts, but very naturally collaging the classic four-four techno beat with neo-r’n’b and ambient while always having an eye on the dance floor. “Nothing is worse than appearing preaching”, he notes. “If you are doing everything properly you can also play experimental stuff, it just shouldn’t be pedantic.” The ability to self-criticise his own actions ensures that Kieran can give a straight answer to the question which pretensions he is pursuing. On the one side he is tempted to professionalize playing records, on the other side he is driven by the fear that he then might lose interest. Source: Kaput (


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