Hilbertraum Berlin


showing Models of Reality: Tobias Sternberg and Andy Holtin

The project space HilbertRaum from Berlin, is named after a multidimensional mathematical space used for calculating both the possible and the impossible. As we set up HilbertRaum, we very much considered how we wanted it to function rather than what we wanted it to be. In this spirit, we have decided to let our space be represented by two artists keenly interested in the functionality in art.

Andy Holtin’s work embraces a blend of physical and digital objects exploring the way the world we see and move through can be modeled both visually and experientially. Through a blend of mechanisms, objects, and digital forms he creates works which are simultaneously actions and images, both the event at hand and the recorded model, looped and captured. These works serve as functional models, not just of objects or spaces, but of moments, both remembered and imagined. The Transit series considers moments in between, isolated from origin and destination and drawn into a permanent present.

The sculptures of Tobias Sternberg are real things rather than images, and the aspects of them carrying a narrative often depend on us considering their purpose. They are either obviously useful for something unexpected or inappropriate, or they are objects whose former functionality have been sacrificed in an obviously elaborate way, to transform them into beauty. If art is a model of reality, these objects suggest an alternative to our reality, or maybe even an alternative way to see the reality we seem to inhabit.

Andy Holtin, Born 1976, New York, USA
MFA 2002 Virginia Commonwealth University

Selected Exhibitions
Neukölln Exports; Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop; Edinburgh, Scotland; 2016
SCHAU 3; Kunsthaus Kollitsch; Klagenfurt, Austria; 2016
True Mirror; Espace Commines; Paris, France; 2016
Models, theories, and stories we tell; Solo exhibition, Kupric & Kersting; Cologne, Germany; 2016
Inaugural, Pt 1; Hilbert Raum; Berlin, Germany, 2015
Andy Holtin & Galo Moncayo: Recent Works; University of Mary Washington; Fredericksburg, VA, 2015
Technovisual: Art in the Age of Code
American Association for the Advancement of Science; Washington, DC, 2015
Moving Target; Kupric Kersting Galerie; Cologne, Germany, 2015
PAPER/WORK; Rockelmann& Galerie; Berlin, Germany, 2015
MASS Gallery; Austin, TX, 2014
Synesthesia IV; Art Laboratory; Berlin, Germany, 2013
A Theater of Objects; Flashpoint Gallery; Washington, DC, 2011
The View: Sculpture and Video on the Modeled Landscape; Georgetown University Gallery; Washington, DC, 2011
Old Fashioned New Media; Flashpoint Gallery; Washington, DC, 2011
Hypotheses; Solo exhibition; Gallery Four; Baltimore, MD, 2011
Encore, Satellite exhibition, Transmediale.11; MMX Open Art Venue; Berlin, Germany, 2011
Intimacy Issues; University of Cincinnati, 2010
Show V; MMX Open Art Venue; Berlin, Germany, 2010
Reach; Collaborative solo exhibition; Fowler Arts Center; Chautauqua, NY, 2010
The world as we know it; Collaborative solo exhibition; American University Museum; Washington, DC, 2010
Options 2009 Biennial; Washington DC, 2009

Tobias Sternberg, Born 1973, Stockholm, Sweden
Ba 2005 Goldsmith’s College, London

Selected Exhibitions
Neukölln Exports; Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop; Edinburgh, Scotland; 2016
1st Kultursymposium Weimar; Goethe Institute; Germany; 2016
Come to the River; Recontre Internationale d’Art Contemporain Miniature and Take Off; Luxemburg; 2016
Recorded in Stone; KUK Art Projects Sarajevo, Bosnia; 2016
Temporary Art Repair Shop; solo exhibition; American University and Transformer; Washington DC, USA; 2015
Revelations; solo exhibition; Krupic und Kersting; Cologne; 2015
Poppositions Art Fair; solo presentation; (presented by Krupic und Kersting, Cologne); Brussels, Belgium; 2015
Verfremdet-neu erfunden; HilbertRaum; Berlin; 2015
Drei Erzählungen; Hilsbach Kunst Kultur; Aurach; Germany; 2015
EVA; Royal Academy of Art; Stockholm; 2015
Playing God-Playing War; solo exhibition; Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norway; 2014
A book between two stools; Boghossian foundation; Brussels; 2014
The Remarkable Lightness of Being; AEROPLASTICS Contemporary; Brussels; 2014
Seeing is believing; solo exhibition; Krupic und Kersting, Cologne; 2013
VOLTA Basel; (presented by Krupic und Kersting, Cologne); 2013
Vienna Art Fair; (presented by Kilobase, Bucharest); 2013
Manufactor; Motorenhalle; Dresden, Germany; 2013
Temporary Art Repair Shop; solo exhibition; ps2; Belfast, UK; 2012
Temporary Art Repair Shop; solo exhibition; Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop; Edinburgh, UK; 2012
Fragile; Krupic und Kersting; Cologne, Germany; 2012
ComPeung Grant 2012; residency together with Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat; Doi Saket, Thailand; 2012
Krieg Spielen; solo exhibition; Krupic und Kersting; Cologne, Germany; 2011
Funkhaus Kunstpreis, shortlist; Berlin; 2011
Movement on Screen 11; Liverpool, UK; 2011
MMX Open art venue; Berlin; 2010-2011
PaperLifeGrid; solo exhibition; Golden Parachutes; Berlin; 2010
Intervention for Videonale on tour; Sarajevo, Bosnia; 2010
Review; solo exhibition; Corn Exchange Gallery; Edinburgh, UK; 2009
Yourself from the Outside; solo exhibition; ps2; Belfast, UK; 2009
Videonale 12; Kunstmuseum Bonn; Germany; 2009
Athens Video Art Festival; Athens, Greece; 2009
Saison Vidéo; France; 2006, 2007, 2009
S1 Salon 09; S1 Artspace; Sheffield, UK; 2009
Esmée Fairbarn programme; residency; Cove Park; Kilkreggan, Scotland; 2007
EMARE; residency; VIVID; Birmingham, UK; 2007
AWOL; Young Artists’ Biennial 2nd edition; Bucharest, Romania; 2006
Point of Sale; solo exhibition; Corn Exchange gallery; Edinburgh, UK; 2006
Communititti; residency; Embassy Gallery; Edinburgh, UK; 2006
mapXXL; residency; National Sculpture Factory; Cork, Republic of Ireland; 2006

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