Liberty Snake


Freitag / Friday, 28.4., 21.30 Uhr / 9:30 p.m.


I’d rather be pretty than the geek i am right now
Eine audiovisuelle Performance von Marie-Claire Delarber

“To treat “raw” tracks as passive material to be “done” through technologized processes of composition, indeed, reflects a particular gendered orientation to music technology, where the process of composition is normalized as a male performance of technological mastery. As Paul Théberge has documented, music technology magazines and advertisements address a community of readers that is assumed to be largely young and male, and these publications routinely associate electronic music machines with seductive, female sexuality.“
Sterne, Jonathan/Rodgers, Tara: The Poetics of Signal Processing, Brown University 2011

Marie-Claire Delarber kennt man als eine Hälfte des Performance-Duos Söhnlein Brilliant sowie als Teil der Kölner baumusik-Formation Qui Basat. Für Ihr Alter Ego Liberty Snake löst sie sich nun aus diesen Konstellationen und präsentiert Musik aus ihrem Debütalbum prématuré.

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