Pierluigi Guglielmo & Eugenio Sanna


Samstag / Saturday, 29.4., 19:00 Uhr / 7 p.m.


„Liriche Archetipali“
Improvisations for two electric guitars on a pictorial Partitur

Wenn es auf der Bühne stattfinden könnte wäre es ideal, da eine Malerei von Pierluigi Guglielmo
als „Partitur“ für die Improvisation dient.


Pierluigi Guglielmo,
Born in Rome lives and works in Bonn and Cologne, Germany

Use the medium of painting in casual and rhythmic way,
work on revealing the structural topography of materials and creating a sense of distance,
processing of randomly –real phenomena are trasforming into iconic representations,
He found in his aesthetic research also the “sound of music”, closer in fact to “Fluid” positions,
in 2000 he exhibited and is a guest professor at the University of Beijing, in 2011 appointed by the IIC in Cologne at the Italian Pavillion of the 54th Venice Biennale.


Eugenio Sanna,
Born in Genoa, lives and works in Pisa, Italy

musician, music therapist, interested in the fusion of different artistic language has played with Derek Bailey, Peter Kowald, John Zorn, Steve Noble, Tristan Honsinger,
Phil Milton, designed performance with dancers such as Charlotte Zerbay, Laura Lattanzi, Atsushi Tachenouchi, Cheryl Banks.
From 1994 periodically holds a class on improvised music for electronic and contemporary music department at New York University.
It is one of the founders of the Research Center of Pisa Musical Improvisation and works with the Tuscan Group of Music Therapy.


www.guglielmo.de / www.eugeniosanna.it

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