SELECTOR SPAMM : SuPer Art Modern Museum


Mittwoch, 19.4. 20:00 Uhr


Artists SELECTOR SPAMM : SuPer Art Modern Museum

Agnes Pè
Angel* W*shko
Anthony Antonellis
Börj*n Z*revski
C*rl* G*nis
Christi*n Pettersen
Cl*udi M*té
D*ni Ploeger
D*vid Quiles Gillo
Fredirico Cosci
H*idy Roket
Hyperspeed H*llucin*tions J*sper Elings
J*vier Yeikob S*jor Seder*p Joh*n B*ron L*nterne
Jon S*trom
K*mill* K*rd
Kim Assendorf
Kim L*ur* Hyunjhee
L* Turbo Avedon
Le*h Schr*ger
Lorn* Mills
M*rtin On*siss
Mich*ël Green
Nick Briz
P*ul* Pinth
P*ul* Pinho M*rtins N*cif Rich*rd M*ngost*
H*rl*n Ogilvy
The P*stel*e
Willi*m Wolfg*ng Wunderb*r Y*nn Minh
Yilm*z Sen
Yv*n* S*m*dov*

Founded in 2011 by Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime, ϟℙ∀ℳℳ brings together over four hundred international artists, selected by international curators, a part of artworks of all exhibition are staying online on the website SPAMM.

ϟℙ∀ℳℳ is a virtual online museum dedicated to digital arts and emerging cultures. ϟℙ∀ℳℳ connects emerging and established curators, artists, and institutions to forge international networks and generate new forms of collaboration through the production of exhibitions, events, publications, and curatorial training.

ϟℙ∀ℳℳ has physically exhibited in art galleries, art institutions, museums, and alternative art spaces around the globe. Examples include: Cupcake @ PROJECT -ion (New York, USA, by invitation of curator Mark Brown), Wendy’s Subway galleries (Vancouver, Canada), KEIN THEMA-International Digital Art Festival (Museum of Contemporary Art, Nuremberg, Germany), Safari (Miami, USA), Dulce (Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela), Transnumériques Festival (Brussels, Belgium ), and Conferences Entre(ouverture) (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France),Chicago, London…Among others…

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We wanted to identify the paths that artists plot on social networks to the convergence of several digital disciplines, to identify the links between the different groups of practices and research, and then to a unit in an évolutif set open to be discovered on the site UFOs of the web, flux electrons, artists and hackers of images and sounds, each figure has its own meaning. Together they form a larger drawing. Beyond the comfort zones, beyond criticism and confrontations, divergent feelings…


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