Open Call FAR OFF 2016

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Welcome to the Open Call for FAR OFF Cologne 2016. The event takes place from April 14 - 17, 2016 in the former railway station in Cologne Ehrenfeld. We are focused on showing upcoming professional positions, the selection will be curated.

You may be a commercial gallery or an off space, but we are also happy to receive applications from non-for-profit organisations. You will have the chance to showcase artworks, editions and art books and get in touch with collectors, sponsors, curators and artists. There is also the possibility to show weather proof sculptures or installations in our outdoor area.

We offer boothes of different sizes and sell the space for sqm, either floor or wall sqm in the exhibition hall. Please refer to the exhibition plan and the price list at (Menu-link: **exhibition) and get back to us via, if you have any questions.

Please indicate all your needs in your application. We are looking forward assisting you in your plans, to find an appropriate way to present your artists, projects and artworks.







We offer sqm starting from 20€, no matter if wall or floor-sqm. Please take a look at our floor plan under the menu item **exhibition and indicate your requirements here.