< FAR OFF 2017 is realized and curated by Jonathan Haehn, Maria Wildeis & Alisa Berger. The contributers to this year´s artistic programme are: < FAR OFF, the participating art spaces, Ancient Future and Baumusik.


FAR OFF was founded 2016 by Jonathan Haehn and Maria Wildeis with the idea to connect consumers and producers in the young contemporary art scene. While artists are more and more forced to bring in expertise in self marketing and economy-wise strategies, their artworks become more and more formally loose in installation and time based art. It lies upon the managers in the art world to question the ideal market for the contemporary form of art, not forcing art to appeal the requirements of a market situation. We cooperate with galleries, festivals and artist collectives to bring together artworks for sale, plus performances and video art to watch during the festival.


Concept: Jonathan Haehn, Maria Wildeis
Director, Architect: Jonathan Haehn
Director, Curator: Maria Wildeis
Curator Black Box: Alisa Berger
Idea: Jonathan Haehn


Jonathan Haehn is organizing the overall event and creates the atmosphere at each FAR OFF. He is a freelance architect and artist based in Cologne and realizes numerous projects from temporary architecture for Ruhr2010 ( to clubs (, a house music label ( and who is involved in city development projects. He creates space and brings people together to enjoy and produce wonderful things in a community.


Maria Wildeis is organizing and curating FAR OFF and stays in personal contact with all participants. She also works as a curator for funded institutions like Frauenkulturbüro NRW or the art space Tiefgarage Ebertplatz in Cologne she has opened up in Jan 2015 (, which is part of Brunnen e.V. ( supported by Kulturamt Köln and RheinenergieStiftung Kultur. Her curatorial focus is on contemporary visual art and all its hybrid connections to performance and sound art.


Alisa Berger is part of the curating team and as a digital nomad artist godess she is bringing Video Art, Experimental Film and Audiovisual Performances from everywhere to FAR OFF. She is part of performance duo bergernissen ( and is currently part of traveling exhibition DIE GRENZE by Goethe Institut, showing her recent work in Russia and Eastern Asia.