Tzeshi Lei – Hertzian Tales


Samstag, 21.4. 21:45 Uhr


Hertzian Tales is a fiction of frequency, of vibration and of energy that rhythms across different sets of relations. It proposes an abstract form of sex while exploring a speculative present in the evolutionary timeline of the human hardware. This sub-human body opens its process of mutation, reproduction, death and birth with surges of turbulent sensation while forming its own fluid sexualities and genders that resonates through the exterior of technologically-extended physicality.

Metamonster is an audio-visual performance project from digital artist/performer Tzeshilei, who experiments and exploits new technologies for ancient purpose: the synergy of flesh and energy. This is a project that brings her research on cognitive hallucinations and synesthesia in action: a weird, wild spectrum of the synchronization of projection, flicker and sound invites the audiences into a sensational yet obscure tale of embodiment, cybernetics and obsolete materiality, amplified physically and unphysically by dirty low frequencies and ranting highs.




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