Digital / Video 2018

SELECTOR SPAMM : SuPer Art Modern Museum


Mittwoch, 19.4. 20:00 Uhr   Artists SELECTOR SPAMM : SuPer Art Modern Museum Agnes Pè Angel* W*shko Anthony Antonellis Börj*n Z*revski C*rl* G*nis Christi*n Pettersen Cl*udi M*té D*ni Ploeger D*vid Quiles Gillo Fredirico Cosci H*idy Roket Hyperspeed H*llucin*tions J*sper Elings J*vier Yeikob S*jor Seder*p Joh*n B*ron L*nterne Jon S*trom K*mill* K*rd Kim Assendorf Kim L*ur*

Söhne des Mars 2 – Alisa Berger

Mikołaj Sobczak, "STAR", Volume 2, 2017

Screening Thursday, 19.4. 16-21 Uhr Friday, 20.4. 16-21 Uhr   Curated by Alisa Berger. „Söhne des Mars 2“ is a selection of video artworks by artists of a generation that grew up in a certain era dominated by images, technological environments, and fantasies created by the mass media consumer and pop culture. The presented films

Studio HALLO


Samstag, 21.4., 20.00 Uhr People say: “When something like STUDIO HALLO pops up, it can come as a shock or as some kind of wake-up call. Or it can be a scene of sheer pleasure – an unnamed condensation of thought and feeling. Or an alibi for all the violence, inequality and social insanity folded



Wednesday, 18.4. 19:00 Uhr Samstag, 21.4. 23:00 Uhr   Artist of the multimedia and the networks, Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime is the founder of the movement French Trash Touch, he is an important actor of the international alternative artistic network, the digital art and the art in network. Michaël Borras works on numerous international artistic



Saturday, 21.4. 21:00 Uhr   HELLO FORM THE OTHER SIDE brings together four films that construct  narratives about the impact of humans on this planet. The old question of humans playing gods or gods playing with us arises and is looked at from both scientific and mythical perspectives. They leave us with questions rather than

Lukas Marxt & Vanja Smiljanić – Shadowland

Lukas Marxt_Vanja Smiljanic_shadowland_presse

Donnerstag, 19.4. 21:00 Uhr Samstag, 21.4. 18:30 Uhr   Shadowland AT / 2017 47 min. During a solar eclipse, time becomes compressed. The few moments the moon takes to edge its way between the sun and earth disturb the normal cycle of day and night, under certain circumstances even throwing a person´s spatiotemporal orientation over

FAR OFF 2016-2018


Wednesday, 18.4., 21:15 Uhr Saturday, 21.4. 16:00 Uhr   A collection of experimental film and digital art from FAR OFF 2016 and 2017 and new works.   REUT SHEMESH & MELANJA PALITTA: Let´s Catch Tigers, 2013, Israel / Cologne (04:14) MIKOłAJ SOBOCZAK & NICHOLAS GRAFIA: The storm and hot desires, 2015 (05:28) JAN SOLDAT: A

PLAY! / Falko Bürschinger


Samstag, 21.4. 22:00 Uhr Banz und Bowinkel: Daemons Roland Schappert: Bar/Vegetation Lukas Marxt: Reign of Silence Peter Miller: Eidola Angelika Hertha: Der beste Weg Matthias Danberg: Order 2 Reut Shemesh: Wildwood Flowers Kilian Kretschmer: Rest Hedda Schattanik und Roman Szczesny: Viktor Al Manouchi Felipe Castelblanco: Driftless Die Galerie ampersand betreibt  seit 2013 ein eigenes Video-

Thomas Georgiadis – SHEEP

Friday, 19.4. 21:20 Uhr Saturday, 21.4. 19:30 Uhr   SHEEP – Film How lives are affected when bureaucracy clashes with the living world. A film about 84 illegal sheep.   As EU regulations are slowly being implemented on the island of Malta, one farmer has discovered that by not registering his sheep, the sheep are