GEGENkino Leipzig – Vaginale plus X


Friday – 4.30 pm
Saturday – 4.15 pm




Auf der diesjährigen FAR OFF präsentiert GEGENkino uns mit „Vaginale Plus X“ einige Arbeiten aus der Video-Ausstellung „all eyes on v“ (2014), plus X.

GEGENkino is conceptualised as an international film and arts festival taking place annualy in Leipzig, Germany. As curators, we strive to support and make irritating cinematic art not orientating itself on mainstream tastes and aesthetics accessible to broader audiences. GEGENkino is an annual film and arts festival in Leipzig, Germany. We are interested in movies aesthetically or contentwise playing with traditional standards or broadening a set cinematographic horizon. Also, we are always keen for trans-disciplinary work mainly based on moving pictures and for fruitful collaborations with other artistic disciplines. We had collabrations with Jaap Blonk (Dutch dada vocalist and poetry performer), Jozef van Wissem (avant-gardist lute player and composer), Les Trucs (German electro duo), Felix Kubin (German electronical music pioneer) or Quimera Rosa (Catalan gender hacking performance laboratory), to name a few examples.

Alongside our main film programme, we are also curating a video art/moving picture exhibition almost every year, focusing on work happening along the boundary of or in between cinema, video art or formats that do not really care about such terms. The videos you see in the selction at Far Off Festival are mostly part of our exhibition ALL EYEZ ON V from 2015, dealing with female desire and a political potential of pornography. Some more videos from other GEGENkino shows were added to complete the picture.



GEGENkino collective is:

Amos Borchert
Inga Brantin
Sebastian Gebeler
André Kalnassy
Stephan Langer
Tina Wieczorek




(1) Alisa Berger – MOHNMÄDCHEN 09.01

(2) Skyler Braeden Fox – HELLO TITTY 15.12

(3) logotorium für öffentliche erregung – FUCK ART SCHOOL Untitled II 07.40


(5) Evamaria Schaller – PEEP! 02.30

(6) The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group – LINESPACING 05.56

(7) Katharina Zimmerhackl – BEGINNING TO EXPIATE 13.36

(8) Jan Soldat – Ein Wochenende in Deutschland 24.34

(9) Clara Wieck & Ginan Seidl – Rotation 07.54

(10) Cindy Cordt – Die gurgelnden Frauen (Teil der trächtigen Bache) 10.15

(11) Stefanie Schroeder – Ein Bild abgeben 18.17



Curated by Clara Wieck, Katharina Wittmann and Stephan Langer



GEGENkino 2017
6. April – 16. April
UT Connewitz, Luru Kino in der Spinnerei und Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig






MOHNMÄDCHEN / POPPYGIRL deals with the interest in skin as a surface, membrane and the inside of the body, which seems to be the inside of the soul as well. Video footage of erotic gestures and performative self-dramatisation are interwoven with scraps of images of structures and the sound of a humming swarm of bees. A shivery nervousness is born out of an erotic concealment – a nervousness that amounts to a self-destructive or liberating act.

Alisa Berger born 1987 in Machatschkala, Dagestan and raised in Lviv and Essen, lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Previous to her studies worked as First Assistant Director for Philip Gröning. 2010-2016 Alisa studied at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne, focussed on own fictional and experimental films and performative works. 2013 she studied at Universidad Nacional de Colombia fine arts. 2013 Scholarship of DAAD for Colombia exchange and Artist-in-Residency at lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia. Since 2010 working together with artist Lena Ditte Nissen as artistic duo bergernissen.


(2) Skyler Braeden Fox – HELLO TITTY

Tit Star Showboy is wrapping up his career as a tit flasher, and is offering one final round of private viewings in his trailer, just days before top surgery. The queers have all come flocking to see the show, and in their anticipation, a power struggle develops over who will be the first to enter. Inside the trailer, Tit Star Showboy meets a willful guest, who will drive him to depths of perversion he never dreamed of. Egged on by her highness and an unexpected intruder, Tit Star Showboy takes his tits for one hell of a ride, getting every last ounce of enjoyment out of his man jugs before retiring them for good.

Skyler Braeden Fox screened his debut short film HELLO TITTY at queer film festivals worldwide and won an honourable mention at Good For Her’s annual Feminist Porn Awards for the film in 2015. The 36-year-old VIRGIN is Skyler’s second film, a short sex documentary released in 2017. Skyler also raps in a band called Peanut Envy, and his work in film and in music focuses on queer and trans sexuality. A self-identified “emotional exhibitionist,” Skyler’s work is both revealing and provocative.


(3) logotorium for public arousal – FUCK ART SCHOOL UNTITLED II

– What do you have there?
– I don’t know – what does it look like?
– Like a shrimp.
– Do you think I’m sick?
– Do you feel sick?
– I don’t know – probably just a flu.

logotorium for public arousal is an unbound and diverse collective of the people present on the set. The group‘s method of operating follows the notion that every position in the making process is a drag. In search of inhuman affective relations, the logotorium works within non-explicit post-porn, because the sexual dispositif itself is way too explicit anyways.



MEAT SPACE # MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE REVOLUTION represents a new genre of ephemeral action, it commodifies the cultural shift from Cyperpunk 90‘s dream utopias to the legitimacy of reality in cyberspace. MEAT SPACE also showcases PUNK IS DADA‘s new online collection of clothing, face wear and hair for anti- face detection via CCTV or OPENCV one of the most widely used face detectors on the internet, style tips have been taken from Adam Harvey‘s extensive research on camouflage from face detection with CV Dazzle. Cyberspace knows everything as devoid of consequences even her own utopia.

Omsk Social Club Feat PUNK IS DADA Lives and works in Berlin. She studied at The Glasgow School of Art in 2008 and went on to attend the European Graduate School Summer Institute in 2015/16. She has exhibited widely across Europe most recently at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, Bergen Kunsthalle, Gold and Beton Cologne, “Vomit Apocalypse” for Glasgow International and Kunsthalle Zürich. Last October (2016) she attended The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood residency in Sri Lanka curated by Angelo Plessas and was awarded the 8th ARTWARD Junior Prize in Munich. Currently she is working at the Gleis 70 residency program and was awarded the international artist stipend in Zurich until the end of April 2017. In May she will be performing the opening ceremony at the Middlesbrough Art weekend at the Modern Institute or Art and she will also have a solo exhibition at Gold and Beton, Cologne in June.

Her practice spans from visual to theoretical production. Working with a cross disciplinary practice and over many avatars or pseudo-names, she is constantly observing and questioning the concept of Self, Individualism and the community both in off and online scenarios. Pioneering the spectacle Ying Colosseum in Berlin (2015-2016), She is heavily influenced by her peers and their voices as collective anonymous mass often incorporating them into her Meta Larps, one could liken her to a new form of relational aesthetic practice. She has coined and works heavily with the concept of Cosmic Depression – The theory of depression caused by digital utopia (Paradise without Ecology).

Her theoretical essays and creative texts have been commissioned for Status Effect curated by Andrew Varano, Websafe2k16,  – “Alienation and Estrangement Issue” edited by Dorothee Richter. She was also recently included in the book Polar Reflex for the exhibition “The Internet is Present” edited by Reese Riley.

“Zen, Speed, Organic: 3 lifestyle diets.”




(5) Evamaria Schaller – PEEP!

Questions of privacy and public shown in simple gestures: pressing the body against the window, deformation of female beauty. Exposing the flesh. Exposing intimate violence. The video PEEP was developed for the New Talents Biennale 2014 as a video installation in on old doormen’s house. It was censored because of “pornography” reasons.

Evamaria Schaller is an Austrian born Performance-, and Videoartist who lives and works in Cologne, Germany. She is a founder-member of PAErsche Aktionslabor for Performance Art in Cologne as well as for the artist collectives Raumfaltung and the artist-duo Jellyspoor with Andreas Gehlen, with whom she works site specific in urban space and white cubes with interventional actions. Evamaria Schaller’s solo work oscillates between performance art, film and installation. She works with the media film as a documentary instrument. Film with its bodily materiality is a central theme. In her videoperformances she uses the recordings to fragment the body into moving particles. In her Live-Performances she deals with daily actions and its absurdity. Schaller’s own body is her meassure. In her examinations she reflects and intervenes with site specific conditions and creates actions or installations through simple, clear gestures.


(6) The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group – LINESPACING

LINESPACING is a performance for video from The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group. With their piece, the Berlin-based transfeminist, pancosmic artist collective consisting of Mikala Hyldig Dal and Stephanie Ballantine expose the delicate, seductive, compulsive and potentially destructive dynamic of connection. Stopping the breath, releasing it, ‘taking’ the feeling of suffocation, the players delve into it; pursing a presence in the body: a succumbing. Subtle lines are drawn and pushed, the space inbetween is formalised. Awareness within the two players bounces between present sensation, communication, and the gaze as a mirror.


(7) Katharina Zimmerhackl – BEGINNING TO EXPIATE

“Belle du jour” is the name of a climbing plant that produces new buds every morning. They open during the day and die in the late afternoon/night. Belle du Jour is also the name of a movie by Buñuel, in which a married woman, played by Catherine Deneuve, starts working as a daytime-prostitute. This work, consisting of three parts, delves into this allegorical conjunction between female sexuality and the fleeting beauty of nature. The video merges the repetitive movements of the flower with fragments from the dialogue within Buñuels film. It starts to tell a story of constant dominance and submission within the field of love and relationships

Katharina Zimmerhackl works in the overlapping area of conceptual art and theory. Her thematic focus lies on visual and literary languages and the production of knowledge, collectivities and collective work, as well as history and the reflection on its writing and production, especially from a feminist point of view. Often, her work reappropriates scientific or artistic methods, resulting in scripts, scores or notations as systems of organizing and structuring the researched material. Lately, theatrical and narrative elements of a stage as well as performative aspects have become part of these participatory notations.



Manfred and Jürgen, both in the mid 70s, are enjoying their free saturday. Lying in the sun, working in the garden and struggling. On sunday Rosi, an old pal of them, comes around to join their SM-Bondage-Session. An ordinary weekend in Germany.

Jan Soldat was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt (GDR) in 1984. He produced films at film studio Chemnitz 2008/09 and from 2008, studied Direction for Cinema and TV at Filmuniversity “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He has been invited to Berlin Film Festival repeatedly: 2010 with GELIEBT as part of Berlinale Shorts, 2012 with LAW AND ORDER as part of Panorama and CRAZY DENNIS TIGER as part of Generation 14plus, where he was a member of the international jury. His graduation film THE INCOMPLETE was awarded best short film at the Rome Film Festival and nominated for the German Critics‘ Award. His four-part series on documentation of prison role plays had its premieres at Vienna International Film Festival 2014, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 and as part of the Berlinale Panorama programme in 2015. Two of his recent works, COMING OF AGE and HAPPY HAPPY BABY, deal with the phenomenon of adult babies.


(9) Ginan Seidl & Clara Wieck – ROTATION

A pole dance and a rhythmic gymnast each conquer the stage of the other one. In this test case, rotation investigates th reciprocal relationship between body, dance and space.

Ginan Seidl was born 1984 in Berlin. After she finished her Studies of Plastic Arts in Halle, Berlin and Mexico City in January 2012, she participated 2012 and 2016 in the Professional Media Master Class an Master Class Lab of Werkleitz e.V. in order to deepen her techniques in the production of documentary and experimental films. She won several art awards and she had residencies in Istanbul and Mexico. She mostly works on experimental and documentary filmmaking and video Installations. Her work was shown on International Filmfestivals like Berlinale Forum Expanded, FID Marseille, CPH:DOX and Dokfilmfest Leipzig and in diverse exhibitions and Art festivals. She is a participant of the collective ROSENPICTURES. She lives and works in Halle/Saale, Berlin and Mexico City.

Clara Wieck. Master’s degree in Ethnology, Indology and Media and Communication Studies at the Universities of Tübingen and Leipzig, with stays abroad in India. Studies in the expanded cinema class at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Participated in Werkleitz Media Masterclass in 2012 and Werkleitz Professional Media Master Class Lab in 2015/16. She is member of Filmische Initiative Leipzig (FILZ) and lives and works in Leipzig.



The video shows a woman in a summer dress – the artist herself – stepping into a lake covered with duckweed. She slides slowely into the beautiful pale green water and starts talking, but the words stuck in her throat and only gargling sounds come out of her mouth. The romanticized dark green background sets the mood of a mytstic message, but this impression is disturbed by the gargling sound and the bubbles of spit between her lips. One will find the protagonist inbetween a idyllic surounding, seemingly caught up in a dialog with the beeings around her. She is aware of the carthartic purification the water generates, has obviously the opportunity to start anew, but one thing is clear: she is not able to communicate her thoughts, an apparently endless repetition of the attempt to speak. A contradiction between sensuality and disgust, a failure of articulation with reference to an Ophelia, an thus the perseverance by which the woman in the lake tries to articulate herself, leads to a new creation and the failure to a purifing act.

Cindy Cordt is a performance and visual lecturer and artist. She was born in Lüdenscheid and lives and works in Stuttgart. Studies of Fine Arts at the Bauhaus University Weimar and at École des Beaux Arts Toulouse. Master studies in Media Art at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Lectureships at Bauhaus University Weimar and currently, artistic associate at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.


(11) Stefanie Schroeder – EIN BILD ABGEBEN / IMAGING AN IMAGE

Since I began to study photography, I documented every job I did beside to earn money. IMAGING AN IMAGE shows a choice of all these jobs concerning somehow the field of photography: Taking photos as a proof that a job was done correctly, playing a photographer without taking pictures, appearing on a press photograph, selling portrait photographs as souvenirs, looking after a photobox at a promotion-party. The video is based on briefings I got as emails, read out by an actor. The different agencies use a similar phrasing: telegraphic style, compacted, tending to absurdism. Those briefings made me think of the scores of 60ies performance art. In general, artitistic strategies from that period can be recovered in public sales promotion actions: the jobs are performed and the performance is documented for the client, with photographs and reports according to a sample agreed in advance.

Stefanie Schroeder was born born in Weimar in 1981. Studies in History of Art, Communication Sciences and Art Education at University Greifswald, co-organizer of the independent cultural center WBS70 Greifswald, self-run space for local exhibitions, film-screenings, readings and concerts. Studies in Photography, class of Joachim Brohm, at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, being an exchange student at École Nationale Supérieure Villa Arson at Nice. Participant of Werkleitz Professional Media Master Class and Professional Media Master Class Lab for Experimental Media Art. She is a member of Filmische Initiative Leipzig (FILZ), a  media art collective FILZ film and media art collective FILZ working together on films, organizing lectures, screenings and talks.

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