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love pro toto is a wonderful art project. loving and lovable. love pro toto is for all people. everyone can – and should – participate.

everyone says ”i love you” in a short video. in their own language, in their own way. everyone says ”i love you” to everyone else. it is nice to say ”i love you”. it is nice to hear ”i love you”.

love pro toto is a truly wonderful art project for everyone. for all. love pro toto has a goal, and that goal is a world that is lovable and worthy of love. a world full of love.

love pro toto is a worldwide art project. a ”global social sculpture”. all those who participate enrich the project. all participants are important pieces of the whole. making it ever bigger and more beautiful.

maybe you say: that is a dream, just a dream. we say: yes, of course it’s a dream. it is the best dream of all. and we know that yes, sometimes dreams do come true.

let’s make the dream come true. the dream of a world full of love. let’s give it a try. let’s make a start.




is love pro toto art?
yes, love pro toto is a global social sculpture.

are the participants artists?
yes, anyone who contributes to works of art is an artist.

what does art have to do with love?
there can be no art without love.

should art be for everyone?
but of course. if not, then for whom?

is art beautiful?
yes, ”the artist is the creator of beautiful things” (oscar wilde, foreword of ”the picture of dorian gray”).

is love pro toto beautiful?
yes, it is beautiful to hear and say ”i love you”.

will love pro toto ever be complete?
yes and no, it is a growing organism.

participants will die.
yes, but their love will remain preserved forever.

babies will be born.
yes, and then later they will become participants.

so love pro toto will never be complete.
on the contrary, for one fleeting moment, over and over again. and then it continues to grow on and on.

is love pro toto the union of art and life?
yes, love pro toto is the art of living.




a gallery and shop are affiliated with love pro toto. from prints to pins or buttons, there are all kinds of editions on the theme of ”love” available at affortable prices. the proceeds go toward financing love pro toto.





love pro toto
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